Bilo Mesh Sari’s

The new mesh sari line from Bilo is now available!

Available to  you are the full sari sets, separate dupatta’s (veils), skirts, and choli’s (blouses), as well as accompanying henna designs on the opposite wall. Please, feel free to try a demo!

You can find all of this in the newly opened West wing of the mainstore location. They will also be available at the Ashraya event, scheduled to open at 6pm SLT today. At the Ashraya location, an exclusive sari will be available to purchase with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity, this will not be available at any other location.

Bilo Mainstore

—More information about these sari’s—
While a real life sari is a singular piece of cloth draped around the body (usually layered over the blouse and petticoat),  this sari is constructed in 3 separate parts for ease of use and multiple color combinations.

Included in each full sari purchase are the 1. choli (blouse) with long sleeve (LS), and short sleeve (SS), option 2. skirts in 5 standard sizes, and 3. two kinds of dupatta’s (veils) in each of the 5 sizes:  an opaque version, and a transluscent (those that say in the name) version. Each piece can be worn alone, or with the full outfit. If you purchase other color options separately, you also have the ability to combine multiple colors!

A little history about the sari:

The sari (also spelled saree), in the quintessential costume for over a billion South Asian women. It ranges from lengths of 6 to 9 yards, depending on the location and taste of the individual wearing it. The historical form of the sari may date back to the year 2800 B.C.

The most popular draping styles of the sari are the nivi style (native to the state of Andhra Pradesh, the most commonly worn), Gujarati with the “pallu” (most decorated end), draped across the chest, and the multitude of various ethnic drapings originating from particular communities and states.

This sari is modeled after the Nivi style.

I hope you enjoy this taste of culture and history in Second Life!

❤ Mayaa


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