Bilo for Cinema

We have a beautiful Anarkali style Chooridar Kameez at Cinema!





The outfit comes in 3 different parts:  the kameez (long shirt), chooridar pajama (pants), and dupatta (scarf).  Each come in 9 colors for mixing/matching.

The chooridar pajama are partial mesh (system pants with a modifiable mesh ankle attachment). The kameez and dupatta are 100% rigged mesh and come in 5 standard sizes.

The Anarkali (meaning pomegranate blossom) style is named after a famous dancer in the court of Akbar, the Mughal Emperor. It is said that Anarkali was buried alive by Akbar because she and his son, Salim (later to become Jahangir), had fallen in love and the match was unacceptable to the empire.


The Anarkali Chooridar is currently only available at Cinema, but will be available in the mainstore after the event has ended.


Bilo @ Cinema (Fantasy/Musical section)


Bilo Mainstore


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