Jalwa: Genre and World Goth Fair & Free Gift

What exactly is Jalwa? The evil villain behind Bilo/Bilo Rani has launched a new skin line called “Jalwa,” which means something “spectacular,” or “amazing,” in Hindi. It is a term most often poetically employed to exclaim about the brilliance of a lover’s beauty, or the amazement felt while gazing upon a gorgeous woman.


Since our launch, we have graciously been allowed to partake in two events: Genre and World Goth Fair, and we couldn’t have been more excited!


First up we have Genre:  Genre is a monthly event on which, the premise of each monthly showcase is that designers base their work around a common theme. This month’s theme was Sci Fi: and after the recent debut of a new show on the SyFy channel, this look couldn’t be resisted.



Genre Landmark


Next we have Jalwa for World Goth Fair. We have several items here, from makeup




To skins




To our exclusive item for 100% donation to the Sophia Lancaster Foundation




We also have this little gift out at our Goth Fair location:



You can find Jalwa next to booth on Port Seraphine.

There are numerous other stores and events constantly happening at the Cursed location. Feel free to drop on in, listen to some music, and meet other residents!


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