Bilo- Bali Earrings Release

We have released 100% mesh, non rigged earrings this week. These Bali earrings are a much popularized style of jewelry in South Asia.


Each color made be purchased individually, or the fatpack for half of the total cost of all combined items.


You may find it on the marketplace here.


Or in-world here.


Bilo- Mesh Ring Group Gift

There is a new gift in the store today for group members. Please activate your tag and touch the vendor to receive your mesh “Bling Ring” in metal and 14k gold colors!

The Hiral, Nandini, and Deepali dresses are also now available on the marketplace!



Bilo- New Mesh Dresses

We also have 3 dresses available in the store today.






Bilo- Bridal Bindi Tattoo’s

We have a set of tattoo’s released today in the ethnic line!  The Bridal Bindi series, and the Bengali style Bridal Bindi.




The Bengali Bindi and the Bridal series are available on the marketplace. Individual colors in the bridal series are available in store.

A demo tattoo is available in store if you would like to try the tattoo to see how it fits to your skin.


Bindi’s are an ethnic and ethnoreligious symbol for a multitude of South/South East Asian women. Their use transcends religion and marital status, though it may be worn in various manners to signify a specific status in either.

These  bindi pattern’s are part of the Solah Shringar- the 16 sacred adornments of the bride.





Bilo Limited Edition Mesh Holiday Dresses- 2 more days

The Holiday Limited Edition dresses are only available for two more days. They will be removed from the store tomorrow (Monday, December 31st), at midnight.


Bilo Partial Mesh Dresses with Tango Appliers

We have updated some of our partial mesh dresses to include appliers for the new Tango Lola mesh breasts!






Complimentary copies of the appliers are available for customers who have previously purchased these dresses. Please IM Mayaa Thistle with the item name for yours!





Also, the Limited Edition Holiday Dresses are still available, but will be removed from store after December ends!


Bilo- New Mesh Kundan Jewelry

We have a new release this week! The Rashmi Rings, in the Kundan Jewelry Series.


Rashmi comes in copper, silver, or gold metal tones, with a resize and texture change script- covering the 8 included gem textures!



The Limited Edition Holiday Dresses are still available in store. They will only be available through the month of December!